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Welcome to Mauritius!
If you’re a tourist and feeling under the weather, don’t worry.
SOS Tourist Doctor is here to provide you with prompt, professional medical care. Whether it’s a minor ailment or a more serious concern, our dedicated team is ready to assist you.

Enjoy your vacation with peace of mind, knowing we’ve got your health covered.

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SOS Tourist Doctor

About us

At SOS Tourist Doctor, our experienced team, with over forty years of healthcare service to Mauritius’ tourists, ensures a seamless and stress-free health journey. From online consultations to inpatient treatments, we provide personalized care, allowing you to fully enjoy your holiday with peace of mind.

Our Approach

Efficiency through Technology

  • Over 75% of medical requests can be addressed through our efficient online
  •  Connect with experienced doctors via text, audio, or video consultations from your

Swift and Comprehensive Service

  • Receive a diagnosis, treatment advice, and, if needed, an e-prescription within minutes.
  • Save time, eliminate worry, and reduce costs to enhance your holiday experience.
Our Approach
Key Objective

Our Comprehensive Healthcare Support

Holistic Patient Care

  • Beyond consultations, we accompany patients from initial contact through every step of
    their health journey.
  •  Assistance via text, WhatsApp, or in-person ensures continuous support.

Medication Convenience

  • Access to the right medicines, delivered to your doorstep if required.
  •  Coordination for appointments with specialist doctors and clinic admissions.

Inpatient Treatment Management

  • Seamless coordination with the best specialists on the island.
  •  Liaison with overseas insurance companies for stress-free financial processes.

Payment Facilitation:

  • Issuance of payments or guarantees for clinic bills, minimizing stress and financial
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"SOS Tourist Doctor in Mauritius was great! Booking an appointment was easy, the doctors were really good, and the app made everything simple. It made my trip much safer and stress-free.."
Adnan from Dubai
First Time Tourist

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